Monday, July 16, 2007

Was at the CTC for quite a while. Leg pain got worse. Was given a morphine push which knocked the edge off but did not eliminate the pain. It would wane then come back. I was a puddle, totally overcome with the pain at times, and kept trying to find a position in one of the recliners where I could ease up the pain enough to breathe without panting. My BP was up because of the pain too which gave me a headache, while on morphine no less. Ugly afternoon.

I think they took about a dozen tubes of blood for tests. Beyond a CBC and Electrolyte check, they're doing broad sweeps to see the condition of my immune system (since I'm still having fevers), arthritis indicators, inflammation flags, sed rate, etc. I lost track of all the test codes they were tossing about.

Also scheduling a bone scan, entire skeleton. Never had that before but I gather it's akin to a CT scan or MRI. Something is definitely out of whack and it's whacking me pretty hard. If we get no useful info from the blood tests and/or bone scan, the plan is to leave out the oxaliplatin on my next treatment (7/25) and just do the 5FU, a little process of elimination test. My previous experience with 5FU didn't give me these troubles. If oxaliplatin turns out to be the culprit, we'll finish off my last three treatments without it. The agony is outweighing the possible benefit.

Because I'd had the morphine only about two hours before I was released for the day, I called spouse to come fetch me home. I was quite lucid, but worn out and afraid I might fall asleep or pass out on the highway if I drove.

Got a new Rx for oxycodone and have pretty much been given permission to take as much as I need to survive the pain until we find the root cause of all this mess.

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