Saturday, July 14, 2007

6:50pm, chills started. Escalated so fast, it was difficult to take temp and ferret out some Tylenol. Temp was only 99.7 but obviously shooting up fast because the ordinary fevers don't make themselves known until 100+ with only mild dizziness. Got the Tylenol down. Was short of breath, panting, because the shivers go all through me and all the way out to hands and feet. Coughing on purpose seemed to help me catch more air. Quaked for about another 20 mins before it started to subside and I immediately fell asleep, pretty much from exhaustion. Woke up at 8:03pm due to spouse calling to say he was on his way out of LC and did I need anything. I was hot and sweating, thus fever had broken. Temp was 101.9 and falling slowly as usual, ala still 100.5 at 8:55pm.

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