Friday, July 13, 2007

Mixed results, ie, good and bad appointment.

Electrolytes are fine except for a bit low on total proteins especially albumin. Recommendation includes more red meat! which suits the hell outta me. I love beef. Bringing up my albumin count can help boost or at least maintain my RBCs.

Hip Pain is back to 'unknown origin'. Highly annoying. The bone marrow to RBC theory fades as time elapses since last shot to boost that production. Doctor actually suggested today that maybe I've developed arthritis. I think, and said, this is a bullshit theory. I suddenly developed severe arthritis pain coincidental to the chemo? Yeah, sure, riiiight. I am not buying it.

Of all my symptoms, this is the one that troubles me most. I am sometimes nearly immobilized, and I am certainly limited all the time. The pain is mitigated with pain relievers, but never completely gone. I am annoyed with the problem and no real firm diagnosis nor resolution. The doctor also backed off the Advil/ibuprofen as a pain reliever, concerned that it may promote GI bleeding and impede platelet function, if not counts. She recommended using the Lortab only.

I cannot back off the Advil. As it is, I am now having to boost that with the Lortab5 sometimes and I don't want to get into heavy Lortab use as hydrocodone can be addictive plus it makes me groggy. Overall, this issue is a mongolian clusterfuck. For myself and my quality of life, I have to do what I have to do to get as much function as possible, despite today's twisted backtracking by the 'medical professional'.

CT Scan Results were glowing, if unhelpful for diagnosis, so that's both good and bad. My lungs are clear, as well as liver, spleen, pancreas and adrenal glands. I have a gallstone, which I knew about before. Kidneys are symmetrical with no evidence of any abnormalities. No evidence of abdominal abcess, no pelvic mass or adenopathy. Appendix okay even. Rules out a lot - good. Offers no clues - bad.

RBCs way up as HGB went from 7 to 11.2 after 4 units of PRBCs. Obviously good. I haven't had the enrgy boost I expected but then I have the hips sucking a lot of energy I might have otherwise.

Since my RBCs/HGB was good, I got to take Chemo #5!! Exceedingly good news. The delay being only two days allows me to keep my schedule intact. Only 3 more threatments to go. #6 scheduled for 7/25. --- Also got my Calcium and Magnesium to mitigate Oxaliplatin's cold effects. YAY

Added note: I forgot to take the anti-nausea meds on Friday night but suffered no nausea any way. YAY Took them early Saturday AM as soon as I rembembered, just in case, but it seems that's one side effect I get to skip.

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