Thursday, August 31, 2006

This week has been very hectic for me. Seems that my ailment takes up so much of my thoughts, time and energy that if anything gets added, I'm swamped? I've had house things to do, doctor appointments, and now I gotta get packed so I can hop on (IN! :) a plane in a few hours. Going to hang with the fambly over a long Labor Day weekend. It's time for Grandma's reunion. eep, Gotta leave the house in showable condition too.

So very sorry for online absence. The sleep is great, but I do wish the timing was better. Apologies especially to my favorite lunatic ;)

Hey, Shroom, you watchit, woman. The world can't stand for both of us to be discombobulated! ;)

I'm flying back Tuesday evening. See ya on the flip side.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Progress! We have a roof and exterior walls and windows and the rooms are studded out. From slab to shell in two and a half weeks. Pretty cool.

Another EAS incident to report. Got a normal test today at 1pm, verifying how it usually goes. Midweek, midday, the channel changes to 2, EAS appears on the box. When the test is over, previous channel returns.

But, on Monday evening the flipping thing occurred again. It's only the second time I've seen it. This time the box was flashing... EAS... 9:16... EAS... 9:16... EAS... 9:16...

A system glitch the cable company has recently developed? Or a date to go with the 3:33 attention-getter I saw before?


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Status: Waiting for build. Waiting for sale. Waiting for gastroenterologist appointment. Cymbalta is working to reduce the pain to nearly nothing and knocking the edge off the aggravation. I guess I'm basically idling as time passes.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It could easily be a year before I get sorted out. This is all a lesson in patience? Got the call from the gastroenterologist today. Earliest available appointment just for consultation is August 29th. I guess if anyone suspected I was in danger, they'd be in a bigger hurry, right? So, I carry on as is for now.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Health Brief: Started the process. Saw the GP who is referring me to a gastroenterologist. Then I guess we start all the diagnostics (aka torture?). If it gets me fixed up, I guess it will be worth it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

ow Ow OW! This pains me. It slays me. It's butchery and I know it's a common mistake but I can't help being injured by it. I learned proper English and I can't stand it when someone hacks it!

I caught a major error on the Discovery Channel. Granted, the crime was not committed by one of the presenters, but still, can they not edit??

"Renee and I's job is..."
MY GAWD!! Renee and I's???
Oh, I cannot tell you how torturous this is to me. It cuts me to the quick. It is SO bad, I feel physically injured.

"Renee's and my job is..." dear ones. That would be the correct assemblage!

It's SO easy. SO freaking easy to test the use of such things. Just take out the 'and' along with the other name!!!

Subtract "Renee and" until you are left with "I's job..."
Is this not obviously a fuck up?
Isn't "My job..." the more common sense, better sounding option?
I mean, if you must combine "My job is..." with "Renee's job is..."
Doesn't it make more sense and just sound better to say "Renee's and my job is..."??!?!?!
Ugh! Shoot me now. I cannot tolerate such vulgar abuse of the English language as "Renee and I's job is..." I simply canNOT.

"Johnny and me went to the store..."
NO. "Johnny and I went to the store..."!!
Remove "Johnny and" then it will be painfully obvious whether one should use "I" or "me", don't you see?
"Me went to the store" is obviously wrong, yes? (Please say Yes!)
"I went to the store" is correct, thus "Johnny and I went to the store" is correct.
How easy can it be?? How woefully ignored is this simple test?

"Her and I..."
*vomit* NO NO NO
"SHE and I..."
"SHE and I..."
"SHE and I..."
She did. I did. She and I did.
It is desperately easy to determine what should be used!

Oh, save me from vile acts upon the structure of English. I will grant that it is a difficult language, but are we not schooled in it for years? Did the majority sleep through those endless lessons in grammar and sentence construction?

Help! Please, someone, reassure me that there are a few English-speaking people who were awake at some point during their education!

<rant mode off>