Thursday, December 29, 2005

Short report because my rearend is worn out and still not recovered from so much time in the car and sitting with various relatives. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED BEING HOME! I needed it. I got lots of hugs and lots of time to soak in my family whom I dearly love. I was just always on guard with the ol bod. It seems to be taking forever for me to get straightened out. Of course, patience is not my long suit, so 'yesterday' wouldn't have been soon enough.

Gift cards and cash were popular gifts this year and I'm glad of it. I had explained to everyone that my entire wardrobe is too baggy and in need of replacement but I haven't a clue what sizes I need right now. They all came through, which means I'll have to go shopping soon. I loved all the comments I got about my smaller self. I did it for me, but it's nice to hear from others.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas or whatever version of the holiday you celebrate. I also wish for you and yours a very enjoyable 2006.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Trying to get all my Christmas ducks in a row before we hit the road for holiday break. Despite a perturbing bank glitch, my online shopping has been successful. Good thing. I have been in no condition to traipse through brick and mortar stores, or heaven forbid, a mall. ew

Looking forward to being Home, especially since I missed Thanksgiving. Can't say I'm looking forward to the trip itself. Ten to twelve hours in a car could be all too interesting for me still. We shall see how that goes. I have a few more days of healing twixt now and then.

FYI, planning to be on the road on Tuesday the 20th, then soaking in family for a week. Refillin' the well, dontcha know, and I really need it. Coming back in this direction on Monday the 26th.

Shortly thereafter, the energy focus goes more earnestly into getting spouse employed without us having to move. Hear that, Universe? Yes, I'm asking, directly and emphatically. Thank you.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm sure there will come a day when I can say, "Hmmm, I remember having some pretty ugly trouble that time..." I look forward to it. I'm ready for the shifting symptoms to go away and normalcy to kick in, although it might take a while for me to even recognize it. I'm absolutely better. I'm still reaching for completely healed, as in able to sit, stand, walk, rest, or even just Be... without thinking about this thing. It's a very persistent annoyance really. Granted, it started out as significantly more pain and misery, but... I am tired of it, okay?

Ah well, two steps forward, one step back... is still progress.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Guess what? I've felt mostly human, most of the day today! YES! We are WINNING this mo fo battle, we are indeed, yes yes yessssss. I am grateful. whew I'm ready to be OVER this. *nodnodnodnod*

Friday, December 02, 2005

Today was a good day for me, best so far. Slow progress, but progress. I'll take it.

Spouse's job prospects are all in flux. The holidays and the slow winter season in the business are in the way. We wouldn't be at all surprised if nothing really happens until after the first of the year, but we should be okay for a few months financially. It's a little annoying that Christmas expenses are in the middle of it, but hey, there's always something, and Christmas with the family is an overall bonus ;)

Ironically, due to some possible turns in the job thing, Spouse could end up working right back at the same place doing the same thing but for different owners. There's a possible buyout in progress and if the new owners were smart, they'd get Spouse right back in there to continue the progress he was making before he was pulled due to mismanagement of the other parts of the organization and their cash-crisis consolidation. (Sorry so cryptic, but can't really get more into it publically, ya know.) Quite weird really that they pulled the one guy out of the one entity that was making money, but sometimes people do strange things, especially when under the wheel.

Anyway, that's the scenario we're hoping for -- buyout goes through, they put Spouse back, and we get to carry on! We really Really REALLY do not want to move. We love it right here where we are.

All 'nergies, hoodoo boogity machinations, well-wishes and good thoughts are most assuredly welcomed and much appreciated.