Monday, July 16, 2007

Expanding my repertoire. Hip pain now radiating down the backs of both legs, thighs to ankles. Lortabs concurrent with Advils are handling the hips, but doing nothing for the legs. Cannot stand or walk for more than a few minutes. The legs ache while sitting too unless I pull my knees up tight, usually with heating pad wedged between thighs and calves.

Like I said, bundle of shifting side effects. Just when I think I can manage what I have, a new challenge arises. I have to go to the CTC to get my port deaccessed today, so I'll have a chat about this new thing with them while at it. Could be a long trip there and back. Haven't tried sitting in the car with this new deal. Need a new script for hydrocodone or oxycodone too (ala Lortab), using it up faster since I should only use the Advil now when I am desperate (which was most of yesterday and so far today). I really don't like using the Lortabs. I tend to fall in and out of sleep alot. Can't even enjoy the painlessness.

Am I having fun yet? I swear, no cancer left, just chemo eating me up. Wish I could prove it and quit.

Three more. Just three more. Only three more.

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