Sunday, July 01, 2007

omigod ADVIL!! Well, ibuprofen. Tylenol was not affecting the hip pain. Even Lortabs (hydrocodone, an opoid, plus acetaminophen) were not knocking it. They only knock me out a bit and thus for a while I am oblivious, but it's not a functional solution. HOWEVER... it occurred to me that IF the hip pain was due to some kind of inflammation, well then it should respond best to ibuprofen... and it DID. I cannot express how relieved I am. I have been miserable for days, and Saturday in particular, but just a few hours ago, when it was okay to take something again, I tried Advil... and it is SO much better!!! Mercy, I am so very grateful and now going to bed to enjoy the freedom from pain until I drift into more peaceful and painless sleep than I've had in a week.

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