Thursday, July 12, 2007

Got the 2 PRBC units on Tues which brought my RBC 7 count up to 8.6. Was told the two units were fairly small. I had no idea the size of PRBC units was variable. Doctor not satisfied with 8.6 and ordered 2 more units today. Won't get the count until Friday but the infusion nurse said today's unit volumes were larger and should bring me up at least 1 point each, so my count should be near 11, the normal minimum.

Long day today: Had to pick up contrast for the CT scans at 8:30am and start drinking it right away. Had appt at CTC at 9am. Discussed everything but no meaningful conclusions until the CT scans are reviewed, if then. Had CT scans at 11am. Arrived at infusuion lab around noon. Was there until almost 7pm.

If the CT scans don't solve the puzzle, then we'll go with a colonoscopy. The only possibility for a root cause that was brought up, as an example, is perhaps an ulceration or similar having developed as my stricture expanded. Definitely lower GI bleeding, which did show up in one of those previous tests but no one told me at that time. However, I've had an incident since, which confirmed that the previous indication of blood loss was more than a fluke.

My insurance company was at first reluctant to authorize the CT scans. However, after the incident, the CTC folks pushed harder, having more proof of necessity, and the insurance company acquiesced just in time for me to get over to the imaging place. Good thing. No way I could afford the CT scans out of pocket. (Also good because it meant I didn't drink that stuff for no reason. :)

Going to CTC on Friday, tentatively scheduled for treatment #5, as mentioned. Still hoping it happens. Depends on CT scans mostly.

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