Thursday, July 12, 2007

No appointments today. First and only free day this week. I took it very very slowly. Vegged in a major way. Only obligation was to eat properly and keep up with the Advil. Two bothersome things though:

1) Advil wasn't doing it all, both hips were misbehaving badly and in fact the pain was radiating down both legs. So, by evening, I had to take a Lortab5/hydrocodone with the Advil to survive it.

2) Was vegging in front of the TV after the pain relief really kicked in and fell asleep. Sometime later I woke up with the chills, very bad case. Thankfully Spouse was here and heard me groaning and breathing rough over it as my fever shot up. Just like last Friday, I was too cold and shaking too hard to even get my medicine off the end table right beside me. Spouse helped with that and as soon as the Tylenol started to slow down the shakes, I slept again. Woke up an hour later, perfectly still and calm, and sweating off the fever. Took my temp with Spouse's help before the Tylenol(102.2) then again after I woke up in a sweat (102.8). No idea how high my temp got before the fever broke.

Yes, all of the above will be reported during my appointment at the CTC tomorrow. Damn but I want answers and I want these things to stop and I don't want answers that further complicate my condition. I want to be free, really free, of all this crap.

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