Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mom & Dad called from the road today. They were actually pretty close, well, relatively. They're in Arizona and on their way north to Las Vegas. Mom said they'd driven 2600 miles so far on their "Western Tour 2007" :)

They're making squat calls, like visiting with my brother and his wife in Kansas City. Otherwise, they're doing the whole touristy thing, ala Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Old Faithful, Wall Drugs, the Corn Palace, the Painted Desert. They have more on the list, like the Grand Canyon.

They've seen it all before. We had a two-week family vacation to most of that when I was 10. However, much of it is just so fantastic, it's well worth seeing again and again. I remember.

I think the impetus was Mom's retirement after 30 years of being the secretary at their church. It appears to have prompted some wanderlust and I'm glad Mom & Dad are going for it. :)

Mom has some cousins in Las Vegas to visit, plus of course, it's VEGAS. Mom & Dad both like the slots, so I imagine there will be some time in the casinos too.

Sometime next week, as they amble back toward Kentucky, they're going to stop here. I am very thrilled about that. I hope I'm in good enough shape to show them some of the interesting attractions here. As previously noted, they'll be happy to do some sightseeing, but also to take care of me a bit. It's all good when I get to spend time with my folks. All good, always.

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